Starting A New Organization

Starting a New Organization at Wheeling Jesuit University is easy to do. The process and expectations of running a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) can be found in OrgSync or by clicking here (must be logged into OrgSync to access file).

To create a new RSO follow the procedures outlined below:

Requests to start a new student organization is also done through OrgSync. You need to have an advisor and a constitution to start the process. If you need assistance finding an advisor or making a constitution, the staff in the Campus Activity office can assist you. Below are the links to a sample constitution and the forrm to start a new organization. You need to log into OrgSync to view these forms.

Once your organization is submitted to OrgSync. The Director of Campus Activities or his/her designee will grant your organization temporary charter. During this time the organization is able to do the following:

  1. Reserve tables outside the B-room to begin recruiting new members.
  2. Reserve meeting space. A temporarily chartered organization can hold up to four official meetings.
  3. Get flyers approved for the meetings and/or interest; however, the fliers must include the words “pending SGA recognition” under the club name.

SGA Executive Board will review the pending new RSO proposal and vote on its approval. The RSO then goes to Senate for final Approval.

SGA Executive Board and/or Senate may ask for the organizers to attend the meeting that they set to solicit more information and then hold a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting of Senate.

Both the Executive Board and the Student Senate by majority vote must give approval or disapproval of the said organization. In the event the organization is denied, the Student Government Executive Board must notify the office of Campus Activities and Event Planning, in writing, as to why the RSO has not been granted recognition. The Director or his/her designee will contact the student in writing (CC to SGA) as to the findings of SGA and assist the RSO officers in making the recommended revisions. The organizers can Appeal the decision of SGA by submitting an appeal in writing within 1 week of official notification. The current SGA officers responsible of Organization Oversight will hear this appeal, along with a committee comprised of 3-5 members of Student Leaders Across Campus. 

Once the organization is approved, they will receive notification through OrgSync. New RSO’s have 1 week to update their online profile and submit the final constitution. The advisor will need to resubmit the advisor agreement form as well (this is an automatic process).

Any questions as to how to complete this process can be directed to the Director of Campus Activities and Event Planning at

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